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Meteorologist: Nick Johnston
Last Updated: Monday, December 22, 2014 10:46:57 AM
Weather Advisories:  None.
This Afternoon:  Cloudy skies.
Patchy flurries or light drizzle.
Wind: NE to East 5 mph
Sunset: 4:25 PM
High: Mid 30s
Tonight:  Cloudy skies.
A light wintry mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain developing through the evening and continuing through the night.
Changing to all rain in the valleys by dawn.
Wind: ESE 5 mph
Sunrise:  7:23 AM
Low: 32
Tomorrow:  Cloudy skies.
Icy areas early in the morning.
Off and on rain or drizzle through the day.
Wind: ESE 5 mph
Sunset: 4:25 PM
High: Upper 30s/Low 40s
Tomorrow Night:  Rain likely.
Staying warm.
Wind: ESE 5 mph
Low: Staying Near 40
Wednesday:  Christmas Eve.
Unseasonably mild.
Becoming breezy - Windy in higher elevations.
Periods of rain, moderate to heavy at times.
Wind: East 5-15 mph
High: 48-54
Thursday:  Christmas.
Warm and windy.
Mostly cloudy.
Rain showers ending.
Wind: WSW 15-20 mph
High: 45-50
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