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Tropical Fury One Year Later
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Schoharie is Open for Business

Updated: Wednesday, March 20 2013, 12:56 PM EDT

SCHOHARIE -- Neighbors in the Village of Schoharie have spent nearly every day of the past year rebuilding from Hurricane Irene. As the anniversary approaches, signs that things may be back to normal, and people say Schoharie is "open for business."

What says "rebuilding" better than a hardware store? Maybe one built fresh after flood waters. "We had water, I would say, probably about four foot," said James Cook. "It was gutted. The floor was removed. The sheetrock was gone."

This is the story neighbors here want you to see. New businesses opening. James Cook said he didn't want to see the village die. "It never dawned on me that I'd own a hardware store last August 28," Cook said.

One year later, it's a smile you see on Main Street, outside the eighteenth-century building of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Inside, Irene's aftermath is still clear. But, that sight competes with another one. Fishes and Loaves prepares meals here for clean-up volunteers.

Anne Hendrix uses the house as the town historian. "They provide meals for volunteers and people who live in the village who have damage," she says. Volunteers have served 25,000 meals since Irene. Saturday is the last daily meal. That may be a sign that things are back on track in the Schoharie Valley.

There are other new businesses opening. "What's nice is we're putting our money where our mouth is," Hendrix said. "We're staying here."

They'll stay for a ceremony at the old courthouse Tuesday, and the 300th anniversary celebration in two weeks. They've got a lot more to celebrate than a passing storm.

Schoharie is Open for Business

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