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Credico gears up for primary challenge against Cuomo

In just over two weeks two lesser-known candidates will take on Governor Andrew Cuomo in the race to lead our state.

Democrat Randy Credico is one of them.

"I'm not a politician. I'm running against two politicians," Credico said. 

Credico has been campaigning the last few months with his four-legged companion "Bianca."

"Me and this dog are going to be going door to door," Credico said.   

Credico is an activist and a comedian.

"You know [in] 1984 I was doing the Tonight Show where I was doing Reagan [impressions] and all of that. And then I ran across this lawyer, William Kunstler, in 1986," Credico said. "And he really radicalized or had me put my poitical humor or my humor into social and economic and racial justice."

Credico then took over the William Moses Kunstler Fund, which challenges Rockefeller-era drug laws and seeks justice for lower-income and minority inmates. If elected governor Credico says he would take on New York's over-crowded prison problem.

"It's up to 55,000 right now and it's mostly people of color. And I know what they go through," Credico said.

In fact, just last week Credico himself was in jail after recording a group of plain-clothed police officers who he says were confronting an African American male at a subway stop.

"And one thing led to the next, they got into my face and they said, 'back off,' and then they arrested me, charged me with all sorts of criminal acts like menacing them with an umbrella," Credico said 

Credico says he plans to plead not guilty and will file a lawsuit against the NYPD. First, though, he is concentrating on the Democratic primary.

"I have been very critical of Andrew Cuomo the last few years," Credico said.

However, one topic Credico isn't touching at the moment is the Moreland Commission controversy.

"You can't, like, have a discussion on allegations," Credico said.

However, Credico has no problem discussing the marijuana debate. He says he wants to legalize recreational use of the drug and ease restrictions on the new medical allowance.

"What we have in this state, it just passed, the Compassionate Care Act. It's just not good enough [...] it should be accessible right now because there are people who need medical marijuana."

There are also people, Credico says, who need jobs and higher wages. He's pushing for a $15-an-hour minimum.

"The income gap is higher here than any place in the country, particularly New York City," Credico said.

Credico is proposing a 1% sales tax on all stock transactions. 

"If we were to do that we could garner enough money to underwrite and pay for free education all the way," Credico said. "You know, pre-K up to SUNY or CUNY."

Other changes he would support? Repealing the SAFE Act and eliminating common core.

"It's discriminatory. Most parents don't like it, the students don't like it. I don't even know why we have it," Credico said. "And tying teacher's pay to common core I think is an outrage."

Credico says he will spend the next two and a half weeks meeting people throughout the state. He says if he loses in the primary he will throw his support behind Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins.
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