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Schenectady selected by casino board

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Schenectady Batman? Man saves cabbie, vanishes

SCHENECTADY - A taxi driver in Schenectady feared for her safety Saturday night until a mystery man came to knock out a threatening man who wound up going to the hospital.

"He was gone quick," says cabbie Tiffany Alden. "I don't know what happened to him.

Police were trying to figure that out. They'll have help from the surveillance cameras that look over the intersection of Crane and Chrisler, where the incident happened around seven o'clock.

Alden told CBS6 News she was parked near the NY Deli & Grocery and noticed a man she said was drunk and "trying to fight with everyone in the store."

When the man made his way over to Alden's taxi she told him to back away from it but he ignored her and became belligerent.

"Next thing I knew the guy knocked him out," Alden says. "He just came out of nowhere. He wasn't in the crowd in the store, he just came out of nowhere."

As Alden told her story police officers guarded the crime scene: A backpack on the street with two sneakers nearby and food that one officer said the first man had been eating.

She had no idea what happened to the man who helped her avoid trouble.

"I pulled up and said 'thank you' and he said 'no problem' and kept going."

Police had no immediate identification of the man who was knocked out nor any information about his condition.


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