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Slip and slide prank could prevent some from graduating

The graduation ceremony is still more than a week away, but the question among seniors at Jacobs High on Friday is will all of their classmates be able to participate?"

That's what it sounded like Thursday in the hallway at Jacobs high school in Algonquin.

And that's what it looked like as seniors carried out this year's senior prank.

"It was supposed to be fun, you know, just a slip and slide. Nothing really bad or anything. It was supposed to be just a tarp in the middle of the hallway. And then we brought a bunch of soap, baby oil, water, and we just started slip and sliding."

"I thought it was pretty hilarious. No one has ever done that before, and i just thought it was pretty cool."

But school administrators didn't think it was cool at all and called police.

"In my opinion they kind of over reacted because all it is is a slip and slide, and they called the cops and had like a lock in place, and that caused everybody to be stuck in their classrooms for i think ten minutes or so."

School officials say students were only ordered back to class so the mess could be safely cleaned up.

There's a chance those who participated won't be allowed to walk in this year's graduation.

"I feel bad for those students, but this is a point in their life that they have to understand that the decisions that they make do have consequences. They're going from being children to adults at this point, and as an adult when you make a mistake you have to pay the consequences."

No decision about possible discipline has been made.

It's not clear at this time if that decision will be made by administrators today or early next week.
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