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Crews investigate Glens Falls fire

Fire investigators in Glens Falls are trying to figure out what caused a fire Thursday at 5 Sherman Avenue. The Fire Chief said that the fire displaced 24 people and damaged the apartment building next door. He said it looks like the fire started in the back of the building.

Arthur Duckfield thought the beeping he heard Thursday night was a truck backing up. It was the smoke alarm. He looked outside, saw firetrucks and started waving for help.

"Finally some ambulance guy seen me waving in the window," he said.

He and his wife were trapped inside. There was smoke everywhere. Then two firefighters banged down the door and led the couple down the hall. As the two crawled on the ground to the bottom floor the smoke grew.

"I couldn't see nothing and it was an awful lot of smoke," said Duckfield.

Both said they are thankful for the work the firefighters did and grateful for their lives.

"Something to start over with, standing on two feet," said Terri Weaver Duckfield.

"Right there, the middle one," said Ethel Shannon as she pointed to the burnt out shell of an apartment. She lived in the apartment building that burned on Sherman Avenue.

"The flames were this high and then all of a sudden it just gulfed right into a blaze," she said.
As we spoke with Shannon, she clung to her purse. That is all she had time to grab. She was more focused on getting her neighbors out.

"I hollered and screamed and said everybody get out," she said. "I worry more about getting everyone else out. More then anything that was my big concern."

"Here, boy," said Ken Austin as he called for his cat Cameron.
Austin was on his way home when he heard his apartment was on fire. He hasn't been able to find Cameron since. He hopes someone picked up the long haired orange cat during the commotion and will contact the Red Cross. He said Cameron also has a white spot under his head and a green collar on.
"I want him back," he said.
Fire Chief James Schrammelaid said that two people were trapped on the third floor during the fire. Two firefighters saw them in the window, climbed through the smoke, kicked in the door and saved them.
Chief Schrammelaid said investigators are conducting dozens of interviews to try and figure out what caused the fire. He expects that to take time. The Chief did say there were working smoke alarms in the apartments.
The fire has had an impact on the community as well. The Red Cross said the church next door opened it's doors right away, inviting people in. That is where the Red Cross has set up its shelter. It says the county is coming in to help people sign up for services and get whatever help they need. We are told that the shelter will stay open as people need it.

The Red Cross said that no one had renters insurance, so they need many things like clothing, furniture and shoes. People from the community have been donating things already. The Red Cross said two collection locations have been set up.
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