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Brawl erupts on Albany street

ALBANYA massive brawl broke out in the middle of the street along Henry Johnson Boulevard on Monday evening at the height of rush hour.  Dozens of teens and young adults we caught on camera beating each other, the fight spilled from the sidewalk into the street.  What caused the brawl to breakout is still unclear, Albany Police say no one was seriously injured but the department is still investigating the incident.  

7-year old Ronnesha Edmonds found herself in the middle of the fight as she was walking home with her babysitter, I was crying because I didn't know if I was going to get hit or something, she told CBS6.  Ronnesha ran home and got her dad who then ran back to the scene to check on the babysitter, It was adults, it was kids, it was a little bit of everybody that was fighting over there, Rodney Edmonds says. Bev Padgett was driving by the brawl at nearly the same time, you could see the cars slamming on breaks to keep from hitting the kids and there was one girl that just went right over the top of a car, the car didn't hit her, somebody punched her and knocked her over the top of the car, she says.

Albany Police were called to the scene but that didnt initially stop the fight according to witnesses, it was two cops, two officers that had got on the scene but when they realized that they had no control over it, they had to call for backup and the way I see it, yesterday, the APD they had them spray cans but to be honest, the people that was out there yesterday, they really didn't care about that cause they still was fighting, Edmonds says. In some cases, it appeared to both Edmonds and Padgett that adults, even parents were encouraging the teens to continue, you just can't stand out there and let your kid fight and people get hurt and they're inciting the violence instead of trying to stop the violence, Padgett says.

Eventually, police were able to break-up the crowd but now the concern is for the next warm day when more teens and young adults will be outside without enough to do, get your kids in programs, send them somewhere, make them sit down and read a book, cause I bet you as hard as they fought out there yesterday, they don't fight to read a book, Padgett says.

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