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No snow emergency in Schenectady

SCHENECTADY -- Tonight many municipalities are declaring snow emergencies to help crews clear snow.  Neighbors almost expect it after big snow storms, but a snow emergency was never declared in Schenectady.
Chances are you spent the day like they did on Park Avenue working to tidy up mother nature's messy stay.
"We started shoveling yesterday a couple items so we feel like we're six inches ahead of the game but you'd never really know it," said Carolyn Meyers.
Meyers thinks this is the biggest storm in recent memory.  The snow pack from the last storm didn't help her or her neighbors today.  
"Earlier in the week we've had virtually not enough room for two cars to go down the street simultaneously," said Sal Ganino as he took to his driveway with the snow blower.
It's caused many other cities in the Capital District to enact "snow emergencies," putting in place parking rules to remove snow on the streets.  Schenectady ruled against it.
"It would actually slow down the process of the removal of snow off streets so we've opted not to do the snow emergency," said Mayor Gary McCarthy.  "We've been able to stay ahead of the storm." 
The mayor must call a snow emergency. But some streets have snow-removal rules regardless.  There are sixteen so-called "priority streets" in Schenectady.  They're main thoroughfares and whenever snow accumulates to three inches or more -- snow emergency or not, you've got to move your car -- or it could be moved for you.
"Our priority streets were clean and accessible, we've gone down side streets," McCarthy said.  "We're opening them up.  We review things on an ongoing basis."
"Generally speaking the amount of streets they have they do a pretty good job," Ganino said.  But, they always manage to come by right after I clean my driveway."
The primary streets in Schenectady are: Van Vranken Avenue, Nott Street (From Erie Blvd. to Wendell Avenue), Union Street, Eastern Avenue, Brandywine Avenue (from State Street to Rugby Road), McClellan Street (from State Street to Rugby Road), State Street, Erie Boulevard (from State Street to 890), Albany Street (from Veeder Avenue to Elm Street), Altamont Avenue, Schuyler Street (from Michigan Avenue to Altamont Avenue), Michigan Avenue, Crane Street, Chrisler Avenue, Broadway (from State Street to the city line), and Campbell Avenue (Broadway to Fairview Avenue).