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Afordable Care Act: Is New York affected by glitches?

BETHLEHEM --  The president finally recognizes the flaws in his Affordable Care Act website.  Is New York State's exchange website still suffering from a case of the glitch?

Glitches plagued the New York state's website the week the exchanges opened.  Not every state has its own website to host marketplace shoppers.  All three states in our viewing area have their own health exchange site.  Though ours were not without their problems early on, people say they've had much better luck signing on...And signing up.

"The first week was very difficult it was very slow going from page to page," said Susan Peters of Slingerlands.

The people who pushed millions of page views on to the New York State of Health website know what Peters is talking about.  So does Victoria Michael, a navigator who had to cancel appointments because not even she could sign in!

"There's a lot of folks out there that don't have computers, don't have internet access," Michael said, admitting much confusion when the exchanges were set to go live.

In some cases Michael says she needs to help people set up email addresses before they even log in to the site.  New York worked to double the state of health's capacity within the first two days.  It took a few days just for Michael to get in.

"It's a really easy website to use they've really spent a lot of effort in making it user-friendly," Michael said.

That effort was not an easy task at first -- if you could get on the website at all.  Now Peters is pleased with what she sees.

"There are a lot of people out there who struggle to pay for healthcare and it looks to me like a lot of these policies are much cheaper," Peters said.

The most recent numbers the state could offer us report 134,000 people have completed the application process for health insurance.  Senator Charles Schumer visiting Albany Monday said the problems on the federal government's website must be fixed.  But, those problems are neither an indication of the underlying program -- nor a view of New York's effort to do its own troubleshooting.

"From the best I can tell the state is doing a lot better job than the federal government right now," Schumer said.

Michael said she's been able to meet with about 30 people so far to help them understand how to purchase insurance online.

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