Teen charged in 5-year-old cousin's murder

Teen charged in 5-year-old cousin's murder

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Shots Fired on Home, Twice

CJ Carroll lives next door to 151 5th Avenue in the Lansingburgh section of Troy.  He says last night, an increasingly common and scary scene played out again.

"We were watching TV and all of a sudden 'pop pop pop pop pop.'  My wife got up and ducked because we don't know where the hell the shots are coming from."

Just after 8pm, someone fired a gun multiple times on the upstairs apartment, shattering one of the windows.

Sheila Perkins lives in the downstairs apartment at 151. On September 3rd, she was home with her 3 young sons when someone opened fire on the house, blowing out her windows and leaving bullets in the walls.

She and her children are scared for their safety.

"They want to move," says Sheila.  "They are terrified to be in their own home.  Never knowing if a bullet is going to come through their window if they're going to live to see another day."

Troy police Captain John Cooney says they've detemined the gunmen are after someone in the upstairs apartment, the result of a longstanding feud between 2 rival groups, but not gangs.

"We don't have a chartered gang presence involved here. No gangs calling for reinforcement from downstate or anything to that effect."

Cooney does say there have been drug sales here and that police have doubled their efforts to catch those responsible and make the area safe again.

"Stray gunfire certainly jeopardizes the entire block if not the whole area."

Sheila and CJ say police can't move fast enough.
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