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Colonie Doctor Faces Criminal Charges Again

COLONIE- A local doctor who is already awaiting trial on sex charges has been arrested again.  This time, Dr. Kevin W. George is accused of covering for his wife, who is also his office manager, as she allegedly filled phony prescriptions, forged with the name of a Physician Assistant at the practice, for nearly a dozen different drugs. 


Dr. George is a psychiatrist at Physco-Pharmacology of Albany which is located on Computer Drive in Colonie.  He is still seeing patients despite the fact he is currently on probation with the State Health Department, is awaiting trial on charges he forcibly touched two of his employees and was just picked up on Monday on one count of possessing a forged instrument.   His wife, Jennifer George, has been charged with possession of a forged instrument, DWAI and more charges could be pending. 


An attentive pharmacist at Shop-Rite in Colonie, who knew Jennifer George, saw a prescription she was trying to fill in late June and the fake identification she was allegedly using to do it and called Dr. Kevin George to confirm that his Physician’s Assistant had in fact wrote it.  “He verified the script when in fact that was a stolen and forged prescription.  We were able to identify Jennifer George as well as Dr. Kevin George who was actually even in the store when he made the phone call back to the pharmacy to verify the script was valid,” says Lt. Bob Winn of the Colonie Police Department.   On July 2nd, Jennifer George was pulled over during a traffic stop and police say they found more forged scripts and pills in the car. She was charged with DWAI.   


Following her initial arrest, Jennifer George enlisted the help of friends to get the prescriptions filled according to police, “they were using scripts provided by Jennifer George that were forged, going to at least three pharmacies that we know of,” says Lt. Winn.  Jennifer George, Dr. Kevin George and another man they were working with, were all arrested on Monday.  On Wednesday though, Dr. George was back at work when CBS6 stopped at his office.  A receptionist said he was seeing patients and asked our crew to leave. 

Dr. George did not return follow-up calls for comment on his most recent arrest or the charges of forcible touching he is currently awaiting trial on.  Two former employees say he forced himself on them in a backroom at his practice.  That case is set for trial later this year. 

Dr. George is also currently on a 3-year probation with the State Health Department after the Board for Professional Medical Conduct accused him of 36 counts of negligence.  A number of patients who filed complaints claimed Dr. George prescribed inappropriate and excessive amounts of medications, didn’t monitor patients properly who were taking those medications and failed to keep proper records.  George admitted to four of the charges of negligence and was fined $20,000.  As part of his probation he is required to have a supervising physician. “ He is a respected member of the medical community, at least he was, however in this case, this is now the second time that we've had the unfortunate opportunity to arrest him for criminal charges, one is pending those are misdemeanors, this is a felony, a little more serious, hopefully at the end of the day, justice will be served in this case and if he's no longer fit to be practicing, hopefully that's addressed as well,” says Lt. Winn.

The State Health Department tells CBS6 that Dr. George is allowed to keep his license and continue to practice until he is convicted of a crime, not just charged with one.  If George is convicted, the Board of Professional Medical Conduct will re-evaluate his case. 

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