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Locals react, experts weigh in on Zimmerman verdict

SCHENECTADY -- The verdict is in and everyone is talking. George Zimmerman not guilty in the murder of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. We're more than a thousand miles away but folks here in the capital region are sounding off.

"I think the guy should rot in jail for what he did," Lewis Frankin, a Schenectady resident tells us.

"He should at least serve some time for manslaughter or whatever the case may be," Tyrone Anderson Jr. adds.

"I feel that it wasn't really justice, that it was murder, and that a system that they are over certain racial barriers, I think that had a lot to do with it, and it justified a young man getting killed," Rocky Lindsay of Schenectady says.

But this case isn't over, legal analysts tell us more charges could be on the way for Zimmerman.

paul derohannesian/ cbs 6 legal expert

"The next step here zimmerman may be facing an investigation by the department of justice for potential federal charges as well as a civil lawsuits life isn't just going to go on normally now," Paul DerOhannesian, CBS 6 Legal Analyst tell us.

Attorney Paul Derohannesian says this case would be completely different had it happened in our neck of the woods. In New York State, there is no "stand your ground" law., and it's rare to have a sequestered jury. Also there are 12 jurors in New York, while in Florida there are six, something he says can be a game changer.

"With 12 there's a little bit greater chance that you'll get a more diverse opinion, more people who can sometimes hold out for the defense or in this case perhaps make the argument for the prosecution," he says.

Cameras in the courtroom are legal in the Sunshine State, making it so everyone could see this case play out on television.

"Cameras in the courtroom would allow the public to have a first hand insight as to what this jury heard. and i think one of the things we have to take away from this case, is that sometimes we should stop and wait and see what the actual proof is. the actual proof in this case is not exactly what people believe it was in the beginning," he adds.

The proof was not enough for the jury to convict Zimmerman beyond reasonable doubt, this case is far from over.

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