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Severe weather across the Capital Region

Ara Chalian says he was in an upstairs bedroom when the storm came knocking. "I was gazing out the window as the storm picked up, to see trees coming toward the window," he says. "A split second later the tree hit the roof, I hit the ground."

Chalian grew up in the house at the corner of Kunker Avenue and Birch Drive in Latham. He says no one got hurt Wednesday - a lucky thing since parts of two trees came down on the house.

"It all happened so quick, my mother screaming - thank God everybody's alright."

A neighbor had tree limbs fall on her car, causing damage. A block away, on Grandview Drive, a utility pole was broken half-way up and leaning over but held in place by the many cables attached to it. Terri Roberts lives in the house next to it, thankful that a large tree in her back yard fell relatively harmlessly between her home and her neighbor's.