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MLB Broadcast Schedule
**Times are subject to change**
Day Date Time Game Station
Friday 10-Apr 7PM BOSTON CBS6
Monday 13-Apr 7PM at Baltimore CW15
Sunday 19-Apr 1PM at TAMPA CW15
Saturday 25-Apr 4PM METS CW15
Friday 15-May 7PM at KC CW15
Saturday 16-May 7PM at KC CBS6
Saturday 23-May 1PM TEXAS CW15
Tuesday 26-May 7PM KC CW15
Monday 15-Jun 7PM at MIAMI CW15
Monday 22-Jun 7PM PHIL CBS6
Friday 10-Jul 7PM at BOSTON CBS6
Sunday 19-Jul 1PM SEATTLE CBS6
Wednesday 22-Jul 7PM BALTIMORE CW15
Saturday 25-Jul 7PM at MINN CW15
Saturday 1-Aug 7PM at CWS CW15
Thursday 13-Aug 7PM at Cleveland CW15
Monday 17-Aug 7PM MINN CW15
Monday 24-Aug 7PM Houston CW15
Sunday 13-Sep 1PM TOR CW15
Wednesday 16-Sep 7PM at Tampa CBS6
Monday 21-Sep 7PM at TOR CW15

***If Necessary Schedule is subject to change without notice.




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