Tropical Storm Irene Floods
Local River Crests

River crest information courtesy of the Albany National Weather Service Forecast Office. All information based on provisional USGS crest information and was deemed accurate as of Friday September 2, 2011

River Gauge Point River Crest Category of Flood Previous Record Flood
Mettawee River Granville, NY-Washington County 15.04' Record Flood 13.47' on 12/17/2000
East Branch of the Housatonic Coltsville, MA-Berkshire County 8.20" Moderate Flood  
Housatonic River Great Barrington, MA-Berkshire County


Minor Flood  
Battenkill River Battenvile, NY-Washington 14.27' Moderate Flood  
Esopus Creek Mt. Marion, NY-Ulster County 25.39' Major Flood  
  Ashokan Res. E. - Ulster County 590.58" Moderate Flood  
  Cold Brook, NY-Ulster County 23.34' Record Flood 21.94' on 3/21/1980
  Allaben, NY-Ulster 16.34' Record Flood 14.44' on 4/2/2005
Hoosic River Williamstown, MA-Berkshire County 13.75' Major Flood  
  Eagle Bridge, NY-Rensselaer County 19.24' Major Flood  
Hudson River Albany, NY-Albany County 15.40' Major Flood  
  Poughkeepsie, NY-Dutchess County 7.92' Record Flood 6.82' on 12/11/1992
  Waterford, NY-Saratoga and Rensselaer counties 34.60' Minor Flood  
  Troy, NY-Rensselaer County 27.05' Major Flood  
Rondout Creek Rondout Res., NY-Ulster 841.95' Minor Flood  
  Rosendale, NY-Ulster County 26.96' Record Flood 24.96' on 4/3/2005
Sacandaga River Hope, NY-Hamilton County 7.13' Minor Flood  
Walloomsac River Bennington, VT-Bennington County 12.82' Record Flood 12.04' on 9/21/1938
Wappingers Creek Wappinger Falls, NY-Dutchess 15.29' Major Flood  
Canajoharie Creek Canajoharie, NY-Montgomery County 10.76' Record Flood 10.50" on 6/28/2006
Mohawk River Cohoes, NY-Saratoga and Albany counties 21.86' Moderate Flood  
  Schenectady, NY-Schenectady County 226.21' Moderate Flood  
Schoharie Creek Burtonsville, NY-Schoharie County 17.52' Record Flood 12.88' on 1/20/1996
  Gilboa Bridge, NY-Schoharie County N/A Record Flood 30.60' on 1/19/1996
  Breakabeen, NY-Schoharie County 22.37' Record Flood 20.51' on 1/19/1996
  Prattsville, NY-Greene County N/A Record Flood 19.39' on 1/19/1996
  Gilboa Dam, NY-Schoharie County 1137.84' Record Flood 1136.60' on 1/19/1996
  Near Lexington, NY-Greene County 22.87' Record Flood 16.5' on 9/16/1999
East Branch of the Delaware River Margaretville, NY-Delaware County 15.97' Record Flood 14.88' on 1/19/1996
Dry Brook Arkville, NY-Delaware County 14.14' Record Flood 13.86' on 4/2/2005
West Kill River Below Hunter Brook near Spruceton, NY-Greene County 5.23' Record Flood 4.32' on 9/16/1999
  Near West Kill, NY-Greene County 14.03' Record Flood 10.86' on 9/16/1999

The figure below is a hydrograph of the water level at the Gilboa Dam from 10:00am on Saturday August 27 through 10am on Friday September 2, 2011. The gauge clearly shows the record crest of the Schoharie Creek during the late morning on Sunday August 28, 2011 as a result of the tremendous rainfall from Tropical Storm Irene and subsequent runoff in a very short period of time. The flood broke the previous record crest of 1136.60' set in the January 19, 1996 flood by an amazing 1.24'.

This is the hydrograph showing the Schoharie Creek record flood crest at the Gilboa Dam on Sunday, August 28, 2011