June 16, 2008 Hail and Storm Pictures

Photographer: CBS6 Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak: Large hail covering the ground in Guilderland, NY Albany County, June 16, 2008, approximately 2:55pm. Hail sizes ranged up to 2.00" in Guilderland and fell for five minutes Photographer: WeatherNet 6 spotter Chris Fatato: 1.5" diameter hail at approximately 2:45pm, June 16, 2008, Colonie, NY Albany County
Large hail at approximately 2:55pm, June 16, 2008, Guilderland, NY  Large hail stone in Colonie, June 16, 2008   
Photographer: CBS6 viewer April Crisafulli: 2.0" diameter hail stone on Van Heusen Street, Colonie, NY Albany County June 16, 2008 Photographer: SUNYA grad student Jay Cordeira: Shelf cloud in advance of the severe thunderstorm that moved over the SUNYA campus between 3pm and 3:30pm June 16, 2008
Large hail stone in Colonie, NY June 16, 2008  Shelf cloud moving over the SUNYA campus, Albany, NY June 18, 2008    
Photographer: CBS6 viewer Rachel A. Bennett: Hail damage to cars in Guilderland during the severe thunderstorm, June 16, 2008 Photographer: WeatherNet 6 spotter Jeffery Lewis: 1.5" diameter hail in Esopus, NY Ulster County, late in the afternoon of June 16, 2008. This hail was generated by a supercell thunderstorm that also produced bursts of wind damage that extended from Ashokan into central Dutchess County
Hail damage in Guilderland, NY June 16, 2008  Large hail, Esopus, NY Ulster County, June 16, 2008 
Photographer: CBS6 viewer Cathy Oldrich: Flooding due to torrential rains on Palisades Drive in the Executive Woods office park, June 16, 2008


Urban/poor drainage flooding in the Executive Woods office park