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  • Capital Region Speech & Swallowing Service

    Capital Region Speech & Swallowing Service

    Welcome to Capital Region Speech and swallowing,.  We are a full service rehabilitation center offering not only, speech but occupational and physical therapy as well.  We are unique to the capital region area in that we offer unique evidenced-based treatment strategies.   Our approach is a "Bottom Up" and "Top Down" approach to treatment.  We assess Children and Adults using  a neuro-developmental as well cognitive-linguistic model.

  • Educational Services and Philosophy

    CRSS’s Accelerated Learning Labs bring the same great, research-based learning programs offered in our day clinic and summer camps to the convenience of 1-2 hour learning blocks. It’s perfect for after-school or home-school needs.  We look forward to talking with you about the positive growth and success our clients experience every day. Our two centers have assisted students desiring enhanced ability to read, learn and succeed in academics and in life. And, because learning is a lifelong miracle, we have adult programs as well. Something for the whole family!

  • Integrated Listening

    iLs programs effectively “re-train” parts of the brain involved in 
    learning, communicating and moving.  Combining a Tomatis- 
    based auditory program with specific visual and vestibular 
    stimulation, iLs strengthens neurological pathways and 
    improves our ability to learn and to process information.   
    A well-modulated vestibular system is essential for controlling 
    the nervous system’s level of arousal.  The vestibular, cochlear 
    and visual are our 3 main systems for organizing sensory input, 
    and they are very interrelated.  Stimulating all 3 simultaneously 
    is a holistic approach which requires the brain to become better 

    at processing multi-sensory input. 

    Who can benefit? 
    iLs programs directly affect our visual, vestibular, and auditory systems, thereby influencing a 
    broad spectrum of our day-to-day functions.  iLs is most often applied to improve the following 
    learning difficulties 
    auditory processing, reading, phonemic awareness 
    concentration and attention 
    sensory processing 

    Other areas where clinicians are successfully employing iLs include the recovery of executive 
    functions after head injuries, mood improvement, emotional well-being and for children on the 
    autistic spectrum.  

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