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Firefighters demonstrate dangers of dorm fires

Updated: Thursday, August 28 2014, 03:58 PM EDT
ALBANY -- The fire and smoke on Holland Avenue was very real on Thursday morning -- but it was a planned.

Firefighters demonstrated to Albany College of Pharmacy Students just how dangerous a fire in a dorm room can be. The controlled burn was in a 8 x 8 foot dorm room full of furniture, papers, clothes and even empty pizza boxes - all things that would be found in a typical college dorm.

"The students really get a sense of how fast fire is going to travel," says Deputy Chief Joseph Toomey. "It doubles every 30 seconds."

The fire department warns students to be safe with candles and cooking in dorms. If a fire happens, they say you should get out and close the door behind you to contain the flames.Firefighters demonstrate dangers of dorm fires

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