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Laura Giorgi

This week's first ever Saturday Shout-Out goes to Laura Giorgi of Bennington, Vermont.

Laura was nominated because she is a loving and dedicated mother of three.

CBS6 is sad to report Laura just lost her 15-year-old disabled son, Lucas.

People who know Lucas tell CBS6's Jennifer Mullen he was a remarkable young man with an infectious soul.

Taking care of a disabled child is difficult, but Laura handled it with ease and nurtured him with love.

Laura and her husband, Alfonso have two other children, Andrew and Gabby. Alfonso works hard to support his family so Laura can be the mother she is today.

The community's heart is broken for the family, but proud of the mother Laura is, and was to Lucas.

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Laura Giorgi was nominated by Jaci Brillon, a friend that has been photographing the family for over a year in honor of the Olivia Act. Thank you Jaci for sharing this beautiful picture with CBS6.

If you know someone that deserves a CBS6 Saturday Shout-Out, e-mail Jennifer Mullen your nomination letter and a picture of the person you're nominating to Giorgi

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