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The Real Deal: Facebook and Your Privacy

Updated: Friday, May 30 2014, 07:52 PM EDT
Facebook has announced some new security measures intended to give you greater control over who sees your information but there are still a number of ways you're likely exposing your privacy on the site without even realizing it.  Most of us already have our profiles set to private, so that's not really a big change but the site still tracks many of your movements regardless of how much private you think you're being.

Most of us are on Facebook many times a day, "I'm constantly on it, whether it's my phone or my computer, I'm on it all the time," says Bree Demarest of Albany.   She, like many of us, looks at friends status updates, shares pictures and memories of her own and follows links to other posts and stories of interest.  Her profile is set to private but there's really nothing truly private about it.  Facebook technically owns all the photos you post, messages you send and any ideas you create and talk about on its site.  "I didn't know that…don't they need some kind of permission for that?" Demarest asked CBS6.  Buried in the fine print of the terms and conditions of the site, it's all laid out.  "They can take a picture of you on a summer day and put a headline on it and call it an ad and sell it and you're now an actor or an actress," says Larry Zimber, President of Libertecks. 

Every time you "like" a page, you're giving up even more personal information.  "Once you make that connection, there's additional information that the vendor knows about you so they can target you directly and then Facebook will know what your preferences are and send you ad copy for that," according to Zimbler.  For Demarest, that's not really a problem, "I kinda like that because I don't like them targeting me with things I'm not interested in," she says.

If you use Facebook to login to other websites, most of the time you're asked to share your complete friends-list with that site too which is then used by the third-party for marketing, "Facebook is okay with it because they'll charge money to the third-parties for connecting all the data together," Zimbler says. 
The Real Deal: Facebook and Your Privacy

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