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Presidential Visit 2012
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Touring Air Force One

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:23 PM EDT

COLONIE -- Some people got a once in a lifetime opportunity at Albany International Airport during President Obama's visit to the Capital Region.

Kingston resident Jean Jacobs and her family got a tour inside of Air Force One.  Jean's son, Daniel, is the Chief of Security for the presidential aircraft, and he was able to get his family inside the most photographed airplane in the world.

"It was magnificent.  We got to sit in the pilot chairs, got to see the presidential quarters, his Oval Office in the Air Force One," Jacobs said.  "It was like an estate in the air.  Absolutely fabulous."

Jacobs said she wasn't allowed to take photographs inside Air Force One due to security reasons, but she told CBS6 that the carpeting is color coded.  Blue carpeting meant that her family was allowed to see the area, but she could not cross onto any brown carpeting. 

Touring Air Force One

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