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Presidential Visit 2012
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Crowd Reacts to President Obama's Speech

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:23 PM EDT

ALBANY -- President Barack Obama wasn't shy when talking about Albany accomplishments when it comes to job creation.

"Now I want what's happening in Albany to happen all across the country like Cleveland and Pittsburgh and Raleigh," said President Obama.

This statement by President Obama was music to the ears of the crowd of 500 gathered to hear his speech Tuesday inside the newly constructed Fab X at UAlbany's College of  Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

"That was my favorite remark. I think we should just play and replay what is going on here in Albany is good for the entire country, I think that was the statement," said SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher.

Zimpher introduced Governor Cuomo who introduced the President, showcasing education and government working together.

"It's a good sense. A feeling of accomplishment. It's been a bi-partisan effort; republicans, democrats and the state investing stimulus money to create jobs here and the stars were aligned perfectly," said Assembly Majority Leader Ron Canestrari.

Obama's speech was originally scheduled to take place inside a fab at GlobalFoundries in Malta.

"We were obviously very excited at the possibility to host it at our fab which is just up the road, but we're a partner with CNSE, we've been on the ground here from the very beginning," said Travis Bullard of GlobalFoundries.

Crowd Reacts to President Obama's Speech

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