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YPFI: Boyland's Per Diems

Updated: Friday, January 24 2014, 02:40 PM EST
CBS6's Greg Floyd reported two weeks ago that the State Comptroller has found per diem abuse committed by Assemblyman William Boyland, Jr.

Per diems are the $165 a day a lawmaker is entitled to for meals and lodging while here in albany or on the road elsewhere on official business.  NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli investigated at the request of Albany County D.A. David Soares, after we brought evidence of the abuse to Soares' attention.  This past week we finally got a chance to speak to Boyland, and found that he is a man of many per diems, but few words.

After Greg revealed major discrepancies between Boyland's Assembly attendance records and his submissions for Albany per diems (absent for 20 days in 2011, putting in for per diem expenses on 14 of those days), Greg went to him for some answers. Last year at this time he said he didn't know what Greg was talking about, but would review the records and then sit down and talk with him.

He has since seen the records, but he hasn't seen Greg as promised.  Despite repeated trips to his office and requests for interviews nothing.

Here are the comptroller's findings that he doesn't want to talk about -- it's what Greg found and more:
Over the course of five years, $67,497 worth of per diem and mileage expenses that don't add up -- for most of that the comptroller says evidence indicates Boyland wasn't where he said he was. The comptroller checked attendance records, but also checked the activity on Boyland's employee id swipe card, his EZ-pass, and bank ATM records -- all showed plenty of evidence to contradict the expenses Boyland was claiming.

So this past week, Greg tracked down Mr. Boyland in the halls of the Legislative Office Building.  It was a one-sided conversation. He muttered "no comment" a couple of times and that was it and we walked together through several hallways and down three flights of stairs.
The comptroller wants the money back and will dock Boyland's future per diem submissions.  But now the legal questions intensify if Boyland signed an official document with false information, that's a Felony.  It would be up to D.A. Soares to prosecute.  So far Soares is not saying anything about the Boyland case. YPFI: Boyland's Per Diems

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