Spokesman: Silver Not Stepping Down, Duties Delegated

Spokesman: Silver Not Stepping Down, Duties Delegated

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Nor'easter to Bring a Heavy to Major Snowfall Monday Night into Tuesday Night

A major Nor'easter is expected to develop south of New England Monday night, potentially getting stuck near Cape Cod into Tuesday before moving away Tuesday night.  This storm will bring heavy snow and gusty wind at times causing blowing and drifting snow, potential whiteout conditions at times leading to dangerous travel late Monday night through Tuesday.  Snow accumulations of 10" to 20" will be possible, especially in the Hudson valley and across western New England with amounts up to 10" in the Mohawk valley and western Catskills.   


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You Paid For It
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You Paid For It: Pay Raise Pledge

Updated: Wednesday, March 20 2013, 01:56 PM EDT
ALBANY -- It's been one of the big questions floating around the State Capitol for months -- will lawmakers return for a special session to vote on a legislative pay raise that would go into effect next year. They couldn't possibly do it before the election -- that could be political suicide.
But now that the votes have been cast it could happen -- perhaps a tougher sell now that so much money is needed for Hurricane Sandy relief. All year long, Greg Floyd has been checking in with local lawmakers -- getting them on the record before a vote, because when it comes to their salaries -- You Paid For It.
Governor Cuomo has talked about the possibility of a pay raise, but says it can't be considered until the legislature does "the people's business."  That would include, among other things, taking action on raising the state's minimum wage.
But should lawmakers get a higher wage?  They make $79,500 for a part time job. Most also get stipends that range from $9,000 to $41,500.
Assembly Democrats are pushing the pay hike, but it can't be done without Senate Republicans -- and they continually tell me they will not vote for the hike.  Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos assured me earlier this year that a pay raise is not inthe works in the senate.  Every single local Senator, Republican and Democrat, also told Greg that thay will not vote for a legislative pay hike.
There are two local assembly members who say yes to a pay raise -- Assembly members Ron Canestrari and Jack McEneny, and Bob Reilly is still undecided, but leaning toward being in favor.  All three are retiring. Every other local lawmaker from the Capital Region from both parties and both houses has told me they are against a legislative pay raise.You Paid For It: Pay Raise Pledge

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