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You Paid For It: New Senate District

Updated: Wednesday, March 20 2013, 12:56 PM EDT
ALBANY -- On Tuesday, election officials start the recount in the very tight race for New York's new 46th State Senate District.
Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk leads republican Assemblyman George Amedore by just 139 votes.  As they get set to count the votes, Greg Floyd is counting the dollars this brand new senate district will cost you the taxpayer, as he always does when you paid for it.
On January 1st, either Amedore or Tkaczyk will take office as New York's 63rd senator, after years of 62 senators.  How much will that new senate district cost you?
Time to run the numbers on what it costs per senator right now.  According to the minority Senate Democrats:
-- $5.9 million is spent on members salaries and lulus
-- $30.4 million is spent on office staff
-- $14.5 million in estimated fringe benefits for those members and staffers
-- $5.3 million in non-personnel costs - district offices, supplies, equipment, mailings
Add all that up and divide by the 62 current senators -- you get $906,000 per senator.
$906,000 for a new Senate district per year.
Democratic Senator Neil Breslin of Delmar said he doesn't know where the majority Republicans will come up with the money, other than it will come from the pockets of the taxpayers. A Republican spokesperson said the money is there, but when pressed, couldn't say exactly where.
It's also unclear right now who will control the Senate as of January 1st -- Democrats look like they may have retaken the Senate, but that's not definite and won't be for weeks.You Paid For It: New Senate District

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