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Widespread Frost Possible Tonight

Between midnight tonight through 8AM Saturday morning, temperatures will be dropping as low as the upper 20s in the Adirondacks, Western Catskills and colder areas in Vermont. Low temperatures elsewhere likely ranging from the low to upper 30s. Delicate plants could be damaged by the freezing temperatures.

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Vote Nick Johnston for 1st 'Price is Right' Male Model

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:20 PM EDT
'Price is Right' is looking to add a little testosterone to its game show lineup, and we know just the man for the job: AM Meteorologist Nick Johnston!Good lucking, charismatic, gets excited at all the right moments, and can strike a mean pose!Ed O'Brien is even going viral to help get Nick get his ticket to the open casing call in L.A. -- check out this mornings Ed's Head here:
LIKE this post if you think Nick could hack it as the Price is Right's first male model! Would you vote for Nick?! Show your support below :)Vote Nick Johnston for 1st 'Price is Right' Male Model

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