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Free parking in downtown Albany on Thanksgiving

Updated: Wednesday, March 20 2013, 12:55 PM EDT
ALBANY -- No need to feed the meters on Thanksgiving in downtown Albany!
In the spirit of the holiday, the Albany Parking Authority has announced that multi-space and single-space meters in the downtown area will be programmed to notify drivers that parking is free.
It's part of an effort to bring people to the Albany area to enjoy their holiday meals at local restaurants.
Check out Albany restaurants open on Thanksgiving [here].
“We understand the holidays are all about family and community,” said Michael Klein, Executive Director of the Albany Parking Authority. “Families come to downtown Albany to enjoy the entertainment and dining, and we want them to know that their holiday experience will include free parking.”

All multi-space meters will read “CITY HOLIDAY NO PAYMENT REQUIRED” on Thanksgiving.    Parking will also be free during other holidays listed on the APA website, with the next two being Christmas Day and New Years Day. For a complete listing, refer to the official meter holidays as posted in the meter section at .  
Free parking in downtown Albany on Thanksgiving

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