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Take A Break
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Take a Break: Never Too Late to Learn

Updated: Wednesday, March 20 2013, 01:56 PM EDT
There's a small room inside the East Greenbush library that opens it's doors for adults with some pretty big ideas.
Most students in Questar Boces' GED classes are interested in furthering their education or improving their chances of getting a job.  But for John Miller, he just wants to handle some unfinished business.
The 80 year old Miller was just 16 when he was a student at Hackett Junior High School and came down with a nasty condition that knocked him out of school for 3 months.  Instead of returning to class (he thought he'd fail out from missing so much time) he went straight to work.  After careers in electronics, book and magazine production, and truck driving (not to mention being the patriarch of a family with multiple children, grand children and great grand children), he decided there was something he still wanted.
A certificate of education.
John signed up for the GED class with classmates less than half his age.  He hopes to take the exam in the Spring.
Furhter South in Hudson, there's another Boces class that's held every week with students for whom a GED may be more of a distant goal.  The adult literacy course teaches adults to read.  For many of them, they've lived their lives to this point by fooling those around them that they could read.  Memorizing how to do their jobs, where to file paperwork, which doors to use for things as simple as going to the bathroom.  The social stigma associated with adults who can't read is a lot to overcome, but for some, wanting to read a bedtime story to a grandchild trumps any stigma that might have stopped them before.
John points out, "It's never too late."
For more information on Questar Boces' programs [click here]Take a Break: Never Too Late to Learn

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