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Snow Develops Tuesday Afternoon - Transitions to Sleet and Freezing Rain at Night

The next storm will spread snow into the region from the mid to late afternoon on Tuesday with a transition to sleet then freezing rain in many areas prior to midnight.  Snow accumulations prior to the switch will be variable and depedent on the exact timing of the changeover but in general appear will range from 2"-4".  Locally 3"-6" of snow will be possible in the Mohawk valley, Adirondacks, Lake George-Saratoga Region, Vermont and the Berkshires where snow is more likely to last longer.  0.10" to 0.15" of ice accretion will be possible into early Wednesday morning on top of the snow.

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Take a Break: Eat your heart out, Clark Griswold

Updated: Wednesday, March 20 2013, 01:56 PM EDT

Borden likes holiday lights.  He likes them so much, that he's created an
expertly choreographed display in Clifton Park that took him nearly a month to
create.  Borden didn't just string up some lights on the bushes and
eaves.  He has them all connected to a computer, so the lights blink,
twinkle and fade in time with the music that he's got broadcasting from his FM

moved to Saratoga Springs over a year ago and quickly realized his new home was
not well enough equipped to handle his Christmas display.  His mother-in-law's
house was.  And she agreed to let him create his holiday magic on her
front lawn.

she allow him back next year?

haven't heard yet," Borden jokes.

If you'd like to check out
the musical display, you can visit it at 24 Pepper Hollow Drive in Clifton
Take a Break: Eat your heart out, Clark Griswold

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