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Take a Break: Duchenne Duo

Updated: Monday, April 28 2014, 07:40 PM EDT
MILTON -- Helping a family which helps so many.  Two Milton brothers define themselves by the work they do to raise awareness for a rare disease they also face.

But now, they need your help.

Peter Frolish, 14, and Phillip Frolish, 13, call themselves the "Duchenne Duo."  They are brothers wise beyond their years who sieze every moment of every day with optimism and smiles.  The boys battle Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy, but spend their time raising money for others like them.

"We are trying to find a cure for us so we can find a cure so one day we can use our legs," Phillip said.

The boys like to paint and auction off their work.  "We like to give back as much as we can," said the boys' father Alex.  "We don't have a lot, and life gets hard on us because with the boys breaking down there's a lot of care."

Muscle degeneration typically claims Duchennes sufferers by the time they're twenty.  This family knows that -- but looks more to the present than the future.  They realize though they need help now to make their family more comfortable.

The Frolish Family's Saratoga County home is getting tighter as the Peter and Pilly get older, especially in the small room they share. "I have to physically lift them up," said their mother Tina, who needs to lift them in to bed.  "I don't have the room for a Hoyer Lift, so Peter, at 95 pounds, I lift him.  He's like half my weight."

Selfless as they've always been, boys are trying to help their parents.  They will hold a shirt sale to raise money so Alex and Tina can expand their home.  They did it once before to raise awareness for duchennes, but not themselves.

Philly remembered, "we were cheering hip hip hooray!  Hip hip hooray!"

Philly thought the shirts were a good idea too his family could still offer something.  The design was his own idea.  "Our next one is going to be a long-sleeve shirt.  It's going to say 'Do It Like the Duo -- Live Life to the Fullest.'"

Its the mission Phillip, Peter, Alex, and Tina believe in to one day make Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy a thing of the past.  "Disability shouldn't stop anybody from living life," Alex said.

If you'd like to buy a shirt to give back to this giving family, you can do so here.  The sale runs through Saturday, May 10.  At that time the shirts will be mailed out and if you ordered one, you should receive it by May 24.  Each shirt is $18 with a $5 purchasing order.  You can learn more about the Frolish Family, and get in touch with them, through their Facebook page: "Duchenne Duo."Take a Break: Duchenne Duo

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