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Take a Break: Bike Works

Updated: Wednesday, August 21 2013, 07:33 PM EDT
CLIFTON PARK -Few things say summer more than seeing kids on their
bikes.  But for some parents like Lucy
Herrera of Clifton Park, a single mom, bikes aren't in the budget.

“I have 5 children so I can’t afford to buy 5 bikes every
other summer.”

Lucky for Lucy, there's Captain, a non-profit group in
Clifton Park that provides all kinds of help to families and children.  One of their programs is called Bike Works.  Kids, and even adults, can sign up and learn
all about bike maintenance like fixing flats and repairing brakes.

If participants don't have or can't afford a bike of their
own, Captain can get them one for free.

“This program has really taken off, and gets bikes in the
hands of kids when they need them,” says Andy Gilpin, Director of program

“A lot of times for the kids, it’s their first bike, or they’ve
outgrown their last bike,” says Gilpin.  “We
want to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle to recreate.  It’s part of being a kid, to have a bike.”

Not all the bikes they give away are brand new. Most of the
time, they're gently used bicycles others have outgrown and donated.

It means a lot to me,” says 14 year old Harley Moak.  “That's my transportation.”

Teens like Harley ad 17 year old Andrew Fish needed a set of
wheels, and might not have gotten any, were it not for Captain.

“My last bike broke,” says Fish, “so I needed a new one.”

On this particular day, as Harley and Andrew ride off into
the sunset, Lucy Herrera is picking up a new set of wheels for her son,  excited and thankful there's a program that
bridges the gaps that exist for so many families.

"We live in a community where there's a lot of people with a
lot of money who can get things whenever they need it,” says Lucy.  “Sometimes in the case of my family, we have
to wait till we have the money or get it from somewhere else, or something like
this happens.”

“It makes a big difference for my kids.”

For more information on Bike Works, or to volunteer or donate
a used bike, visit the websites:

Take a Break: Bike Works

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