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Thunderstorms & Poor Drainage Flooding Possible Today

While an isolated instability shower will be possible this morning, the bigger concern is for the storms that develop during the afternoon. While the overall threat for severe weather appears relatively low, one or two storms could produce gusty winds, large hail, and possibly very heavy rain. If heavy rain persists, or if multiple storms move over the same area, then low lying areas, and poor drainage locations, could experience flooding. A second round of late night storms may be possible, but the rain should clear off to the East after midnight.

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The Bottom Line: Warm weather could bring scam

Updated: Thursday, April 17 2014, 10:49 PM EDT
NISKAYUNA -- If you're ready for a warm-weather vacation, be ready to be extra careful with your money.
A Bottom Line Alert from the Better Business Bureau, warning of travel scams that are "hot" to rip off travelers this season.
The agency says last year, it received more than 10,000 complaints associated with the travel industry.
But it tells CBS 6's Dori Marlin this year, it expects to receive even more complaints because of the brutally cold winter we had.
So far, the BBB says it's heard reports of phony boarding passes, ticket offers, and checks - all trying to lure travelers in.
If you get one of these offers, if anything says it's "free," make sure you study the fine print very carefully to see whether any other fees are due.
Get all the details of the trip in writing - the costs, fees, restrictions, and reservations - and bring it with you on the trip.
Ask about the company's refund policy, in case you need to re-schedule.
And finally pay using credit card if you can, since that may offer the most protection just in case.
The Bottom Line: Warm weather could bring scam

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