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The Bottom Line
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The Bottom Line: Last-Minute Tax Tips

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:17 PM EDT

ALBANY -- The hours are ticking away until this year's tax deadline. 

You have until the end of Monday, April 15th, to file your tax return on time.  With the rush on to crunch the numbers, CBS 6’s Dori Marlin has The Bottom Line on some of those last-minute mistakes you want to avoid.

If you're filing for yourself, the IRS says to do it electronically.  That’s because the software will "flag" some of the more common errors.

Check to see that you have the right routing and account numbers, and make sure you sign and date the return properly.

And, if you think you're not going to beat the deadline, then request a filing extension.  Just remember, your tax payments are still due on April 15th.

Dori also checked in with CBS 6 Answers Team member, accountant Jerry DeAngelus of Slocum DeAngelus & Associates, who says probably the "most" important thing is to make sure that all social security numbers match exactly with all the names as they appear on the tax return. 

Plus, he says New York State now requires dates of birth for everyone listed on the tax return.

Any of those items missing, or not matching, will cause a tax return to be "rejected" when it's e-filed - which could cause a problem, when you're down to the wire.


The Bottom Line: Last-Minute Tax Tips

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