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Localized Poor Drainage Flooding Possible Again Today

Yesterday's showers and stormshave left the ground saturated across much of the area. While showers today are notexpected to be as numerous or as widespread as yesterday, rain today may beslow moving and heavy. Areas that experienced flooding yesterday will be at ahigher risk of additional flooding today. Rain should be clearing this evening,with a very pleasant weekend ahead.

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The Bottom Line: Driveway Scam

Updated: Wednesday, March 26 2014, 09:13 PM EDT
SCHENECTADY -- Not even a week into spring, and already a Bottom Line Alert that seems to crop up every spring.

Police are putting out the warning that in just the last two weeks, there have been "several" reports of driveway repair scams in the areas of Schenectady and Colonie.

CBS6's Dori Marlin has gotten The Bottom Line on such driveway repair scams in the past.

In these new cases, Schenectady Police say driveway pavers have been doing the repair work first - then ringing doorbells and demanding payment.

Police say it also appears the scammers are targeting the elderly.If someone like this shows up at your house, or at a loved one's - or if they already have shown up - you're asked to contact Schenectady Police.The Bottom Line: Driveway Scam

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