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Snow Develops This Afternoon - Transitions to Sleet and Freezing Rain at Night

The next storm will spread snow into the region today mainly between the hours of 3-5 pm, with a transition to sleet then freezing rain in many areas prior to midnight.  This is likely to make for a slow and messy evening commute. Snow accumulations prior to the switch will be variable and dependent on the exact timing of the changeover but in general  will range from 2"-4" in most spots.  Locally 3"-6" of snow will be possible in the Mohawk valley, Adirondacks, Lake George-Saratoga Region, Vermont and the Berkshires where snow is more likely to last longer.  0.10" to 0.15" of ice accretion will be possible into early Wednesday morning on top of the snow.


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The Bottom Line
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Bottom Line: Social Security Scam

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:17 PM EDT
A new scam is surfacing, targeting seniors and their Social Security
It's a Bottom Line Alert that the scammers are stealing
those checks, and "re-routing" them using direct deposit.

Here's what CBS
6's Dori Marlin found out:

The Social Security Administration says the
bad guys are getting the seniors' names and bank account information, using a
fake lottery or sweepstakes.
The scammers then call the
Administration using the victims' name and account info, to have the payments
sent instead to another account - and that's how they steal the entire
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has asked the agency to start
notifying recipients, when their account info is changed - by e-mail, text,
letter or phone.

The Administration has not responded to his call yet,
but in the meantime, says it is investigating to try to put the scam to a
stop.Bottom Line: Social Security Scam

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