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Bottom Line: Bogus Rental Fees

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:17 PM EDT
An important reminder about a Bottom Line Alert that Dori Marlin first
reported in April.
Since her story aired, Dori has heard from several
more people saying the company "Universal Fidelity LP" has been hitting them up
for bogus rental fees, associated with the now-defunct Hollywood Video rental
Donna Healy of Rexford first brought this to Dori's attention.
 She told Dori, she received a bill claiming she owed almost $20 on a DVD that
she'd rented in 2010, but Donna knew she'd returned it on
That's what other folks who've contacted Dori, have been saying
about their bills too.
The Bottom Line on what you need to
Once again, the bill claims to be from Universal Fidelity LP --
a debt collector on behalf of Hollywood Video.
Attorney General Eric
Schneiderman's Office has told Dori, they've received a number of complaints
about the company, as well.
If you get one of the bills, and you
really don't think you owe anything, then you're advised to file a complaint
with the AG's office.
Click here to file a complaint.Bottom Line: Bogus Rental Fees

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