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Benjamin J. Chuckrow

Benjamin J. Chuckrow, Senior Vice President"Investments, joined Wells Fargo Advisors in January 2001. For over 28 years, Ben has been part of the financial services industry.  After 18 years on Wall Street, he returned to his Capital District roots to continue in his familys, over 100 year, involvement in the regions business community.  He has expertise in managing investment/equity portfolios for high net worth individuals and institutions.  He has engaged in proprietary research in both value investing and risk arbitrage.  In addition, he has experience in managing risk arbitrage, options and commodities portfolios.

About his business today, Ben says, The first thing I do for my clients is to help them identify their short and long-term goals.  Then, together, we develop an investment plan, with investments that are appropriate for their objectives and their own personal feelings about risk.  I believe that the best investment plan is both effective and comfortable.  I help clients understand the role of stocks in their portfolio and set realistic expectations for growth.  I carefully monitor my clients portfolios and recommend changes as necessary.  I believe that careful monitoring is a key to success"especially during times of volatility and market uncertainty.

As your Financial Advisor, his mission is to provide you with a sound investment plan and to review that plan regularly.  While over the long term, an equity portfolio can be an effective way to build wealth, investors sometimes make mistakes that hinder their progress.  This may include not establishing objectives, not adjusting to market cycles, and investing in too many or too few issues.  His goal is to help investors avoid these mistakes and build strong portfolios.

His experience as a value investor is an essential tool in assisting his clients in all aspects of their financial decisions.  Whether it be stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, insurance, lending services(*),commodities/futures, or any other financial instrument, assessing value is crucial in understanding the potential for growth and assessing risk.  He brings over 28 years of this understanding and experience to all his clients investments.

Ben is a resource for financial information. He has been nationally quoted by the Wall Street Journal, and is frequently used by local media. He is a member of the WRGB (CBS affiliate) financial answer team, and appears regularly on CBSs local nightly news program to answer questions and address issues in the financial markets.  His expertise is regularly sought out by the business writers of the Albany Times Union, where he is frequently quoted. He also has written numerous articles on the financial markets.

Ben received a B.S. degree in business from The Whitman School of Business Management at Syracuse University.   He lives in Saratoga Springs, New York, with his wife, Deidre, an attorney, and sons Maxim & Sachiel and their German shepherds Mischa & Joley

In his free time Ben is an ardent outdoorsman and athlete. Besides hiking in the high peaks he is an avid runner, martial arts participant and plays both indoor and outdoor soccer. His community activities include being a mentor for Skidmore College, Regional Food Bank, miSci and the Double H Ranch.

*Lending products and services are offered by bank and non-bank affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company.