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Bitter Cold and Wind to Bring Dangerous Below Zero Wind Chills Tonight

Low pressure will rapidly intensify in the Guld of Maine tonight causing the wind to increase from the west-northwest in gusts from 35-40 mph driving a bitterly cold air mass into the region.  Temperatures will plunge to near or below zero with wind chills later tonight through Saturday morning dropping to a range of -15 to -25 at times.  Dress appropriately for the cold wearing layers, a hat and gloves and covering exposed skin surfaces to reduce the chance for frost bite which can set develop in as little at 15-20 minutes on exposed skin surfaces. Pets should be brought in - if you're cold they are too.


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September 10, 1969 -- Reaching new 'Hites'

Updated: Tuesday, September 10 2013, 05:48 AM EDT
On this day back in 1969, the capital region was visited by Henry Hite.

He stood eight-feet, two-inches tall.
Hite was a national tour that included a stop at the old Crossroads Restaurant in Latham.

There, he was interviewed by dick beach, who stood just under six-feet tall.

Height said he hit his growth spurt when he was nine.

By 12, he was seven-feet tall... and reached 8' 2" when he was 15.September 10, 1969 -- Reaching new 'Hites'

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