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Localized Poor Drainage Flooding Possible Again Today

Yesterday's showers and stormshave left the ground saturated across much of the area. While showers today are notexpected to be as numerous or as widespread as yesterday, rain today may beslow moving and heavy. Areas that experienced flooding yesterday will be at ahigher risk of additional flooding today. Rain should be clearing this evening,with a very pleasant weekend ahead.

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Six On Seniors
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Six on Seniors: The importance of having a will

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:25 PM EDT
It's a document we all need -- but how do you begin writing your will?
On the weekly Six on Seniors segment during the CBS6 News at Noon, Ruth Tietz of Baptist Health reveals some inexpensive ways to get started.

CBS6 Six on Seniors Six on Seniors: The importance of having a will

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