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Halloween can be a challenge for diabetics

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 06:20 PM EDT
When it comes to Halloween, sugary candy provides a challenge for people with diabetes, especially children. The good news, is it doesn't mean trick-or-treating is off-limits.
High school junior Nikki Defruscio has Type 1 diabetes. She babysits 7-year-old Madelyn Marer who suffers from the same condition. While keeping their blood sugar levels in check is a big part of their lives, it doesn't stop them from being kids - especially on Halloween.
"I would get my candy and stuff and try not to eat the candy while trick-or-treating," Defruscio says about Halloweens in the past. "I would try to distribute it when I got home."
CBS6's Julia Dunn spoke to two experts at Albany Medical Center on the topic, Dr. Daniella Sima, a pediatric endocrinologist and Nancy Jones, a certified diabetes educator. They both say waiting to eat candy until arriving home is a good idea.
"Sit down and plan ahead." Dr. Sima says. "We strongly advise that children not try to eat the candy while trick-or-treating but bring it home and have them inspected by their parents."
Other ways to make for a safer, diabetes-friendly Halloween:
-          Make sure children get a good meal before trick-or-treating to curb their hunger.
-          Carrying small treats like Skittles while trick-or-treating with diabetic children to treat low blood sugar if necessary.
-          Siblings should play by the same rules so no one feels left out.
-          Set a time limit on how long a bag of candy should stick around when Halloween is over.
If you're looking to get rid of the candy all together, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is partnering with Boscovs to exchange bags of candies for gift certificates for toys. To participate you must download a certificate. It can be found on the JDRF website: can be a challenge for diabetics

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