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November 2012 Consumer Price Index

Updated: Monday, March 25 2013, 02:25 PM EDT

Some minor price swings at local supermarkets this month, but otherwise not a whole lot of change in our monthly CBS 6 Consumer Index.
Starting with the items costing you less this month: Ground beef and a dozen eggs, each down by a few cents; orange juice, down by 10-cents; and Cheerios, down by 40-cents.

A good number of items stayed the same in price, since last month: Apples, coffee, white bread, and white rice.
Steve Ammerman, at the New York State Farm Bureau, tells Dori Marlin that apple prices are holding steady a bit higher - with higher demand during the fall harvest, but lower supply due to tough weather earlier this year.

And finally, the items costing you more this month: A gallon of milk, up 15-cents; butter, up 25-cents; cheese slices, up 40-cents; and carrots, up 50-cents.

Notice all the dairy prices, on that list?  Ammerman says, because of higher feed costs for cattle, that's a trend we can expect to see continue into next year.

Overall, though, Ammerman tells Dori that food prices have been relatively stable for most of this year - consistent with the very slow but steady growth, he says, in the overall economy.

November 2012 Consumer Price Index

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