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Lead becomes Gold as ammunition becomes scarce - 04/11/13

Gun dealers say ammunition is flying off the shelves.

Since the passage of the SAFE Act gun stores have had to deal with two thing: a run on guns and ammunition, said David Petronis, Owner of the Hudson River Trading Post in Mechanicville. Ammunition is either becoming scarce or over priced, Petronis said.

A box of commonly used .22 caliber bullets used to sell for $3 for 50 rounds, today Petronis is selling them for as much as $12 -$15. If he does not increase the price himself he fears someone else will buy the rounds for the normally low price and resell them to make a profit themselves.

Petronis says much of the shortage has to do with future mandatory background checks for all ammunition sales, part of the SAFE Act passed January 15th. That portion of the law does not take affect until January 15, 2014.

"It (price) has increased that much from fear," said Petronis. "From what I understand the manufacturers are working 24 hours putting it out as fast as they can (but) when it hits the store shelves it is just gone."

I called four gun shops today, all four said the ammunition is selling faster than they can keep it on the shelves. A quick check online I found three website who were sold out of many different types of ammunition.


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