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GOP assembly member McLaughlin considering run for Governor - 06/17/13

He is not the candidate but he is "legitimately considering it" says Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin's Chief of Staff about the GOP assembly member's bid for governor.

On Monday the NY Post reported McLaughlin was "running for governor". However, McLaughlin's top staffer, Nick Wilock says "Steve is not the candidate but he is seriously considering it." 

According to Wilock his boss has received support from all over the state, from members of both parties, pushing for him to run.

"We have received numerous email from Democrats who tell us if you run we would vote for you," said Wilock.

McLaughlin, who is from the Rensselaer County hamlet of Melrose, was first elected to the assembly in 2010 at the age of 47, the first public office he has held. In the past six months alone the GOP assembly member has made headlines for his strong stance against Governor Cuomo's SAFE Act (gun control bill).  Shortly after the bill was passed Mclaughlin said the governor pushed the bill through in a "dictatorial" fashion.

The assemblyman later apologized to Governor Cuomo after many said his comparisons to Hitler and Mussolini were inappropriate.

"He will not make his decision for a long time and will probably use the fall months to gauge support," Wilock said. "He is purely and solely in the consideration stage".

Whether or not he chooses to run for governor McLaughlin believes any GOP candidate, with a business background, can do a better job than this governor has done at representing New York, Wilock added.


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