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Cuomo unveils plan to bring 3 casinos upstate - 05/09/13

Six upstate New York regions will compete for three casinos if the legislature and taxpayers approve amending the state's constitution.

On Thursday Governor Andrew Cuomo outlined his plan for casinos in New York. The proposal included a revenue sharing breakdown and defined what a region is that hosts a casino.

Since his state of the state address in January, Cuomo has pushed for three casinos in upstate to spur economic development and tourism to the area. His proposal includes six specifically defines "regions" that can compete to lure resort style casinos.

The regions include all counties north of Putnam and Rockland counties. Cuomo has said consistently the casinos should be in upstate and not in New York City.

Below is an image of what the upstate regions look like:
(the white shaded part is New York City which is not open for competition)

According to the Governor's proposal the state would keep 80% of all tax revenue taken in by casinos while 10% would be split by the city and county where the casino resides. The remaining 10% would go to the boarding counties that surround the casino, the plan states.

"This is a big idea that we believe can bring economic energy to upstate New York that needs it desperately," Cuomo said Thursday.

The act to amend the state's constitution and allow casinos must be approved by two consecutive state legislatures and taxpayers in the form a referendum. The state legislature already passed the measure last year.

if approved by the legislature the governor would put together a selection committee to help attract the casinos. The committee would be made up of experts in the field of real estate and finance, Cuomo said. 

When asked by reporters, Thursday, Cuomo said he wants the legislature to take up the matter this session.


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